Why You Need To Tour Glacier Now

You might think that you can keep Glacier National Park on your bucket list, and get around tot touring it when you get a chance. After all, there are lots of other amazing national parks to see, and Glacier isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Or is it? Glacier National Park was created on May 11, 1910 when President Taft signed the bill to protect it. This protection act was pushed by the explorer George Bird Grinnel who pressured the president and congress to pass the protection act for it, and sign the law that would prevent development in the area. It was America’s 10th national park, and would provide visitors with unspoiled alpine scenery and views for the rest of history. Since that point, Americans and visitors from all over the world have been enjoying the more than 700 miles of hiking trails, as well as some of the best boating and fishing on the planet. So why is it so important to visit Glacier National Park now if it has been enjoying this protected status for almost 100 years? Because it is disappearing and there is little we can do to stop it.

Glacier National Park is known mainly for it’s glaciers, and the best place to view them is from Many Glacier, which can be reached by hiking or horseback. The spectacular area in Montana on the Canadian border near Alberta and British Columbia was once home to more than 150 active glaciers. Due to global warming, their numbers have retreated to only 26 active in the last 50 years. While scientists have predicted the total extinction of glaciers in Glacier National Park for many years, and have predicted that date incorrectly, the latest prediction of 2020 with no more glaciers to see is very possible. The warming effect of global climate change has been shrinking their numbers at a record rate, and as such every year there are fewer to see. Even a single warm spell could quickly drive their numbers to zero within a season or so, which makes the necessity to see them now a must. You could literally miss seeing them forever if you put your trip off even one year.

It is best to take a private tour of Glacier, which we offer to groups. Our private tours are constructed to do the things that the group wants to do, instead of following any kind of a template. We can make many suggestions as to the best parts of the park to see and the best things to do, but ultimately you and your group are in control of time frames and hat we do. If you want to spend the entire time fishing, we can arrange that. The best time for fishing is from May to November, and while you will not need a license or a permit, there are rules as to how many fish you can catch and keep. So if you are ready to explore Glacier National Park before the glaciers are gone, contact us right away.

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