The Vanishing Glaciers Of Glacier National Park

So you think that climate change isn’t real, and there is nothing happening to the earth that isn’t completely natural. While this is your opinion, facts show that there is a different story happening in areas that rely on cold water temperatures in order to maintain their order. This unfortunate fact is happening right now in Glacier National Park, and the namesake glaciers are vanishing before our eyes. In the last 50 years more than 85% of the ice in Glacier National Park has been eliminated, causing the glaciers themselves to vanish right in front of us. It was once unthinkable, but unfortunately there is now a relatively predictable time limit on when you will be able to see active glaciers in this national park, and when they will be gone forever.Scientists are predicting that by the end of 2020, there may no longer be glaciers to be seen her. If you ever planned on visiting Glacier National Park to stand at Many Glacier and witness some of the most magnificent natural structures on earth, you may only have a year or so to do it.

In 1910 when President Taft signed the law that ultimately gave Glacier protected status, there were more than 150 active glaciers in the area. The protected status prevented companies from moving in to exploit natural resources or develop the area, but there was no way to predict that man’s actions would cause the glaciers to melt. This is simple due to rising temperatures in the water around the world, which is enough to create the slow melting that is happening globally. Without the low temperatures necessary to maintain the ice, it melts and disappears. This will have consequences beyond simply not being able to see glaciers any more. It will change the ecosystem completely and potentially have bad consequences for plants and wildlife in the area. Changes like this have a ripple effect, and the loss of mass will ultimately reduce food supplies for animals and fish as well.

The potential threats to fish will harm one of the best aspects of Glacier, the fishing. Currently, there is no licenses or permits necessary to fish in the lakes, but there are limits on the amount of fish you can catch and keep. This is done in order to prevent overfishing and keep the numbers high enough to effectively reproduce. Boating and fishing in the area, along with the more than 700 miles of hiking and alpine views are the main reasons to visit and explore Glacier, so make sure you book your trip soon before we may see the end of it all.

Our tours of Glacier are private, and you and your group will be able to dictate the pace and the things that we do while we are there. This provides you with the ability to make your own tour, which is not available on our other tour products. If you are interested in your Glacier tour, contact us immediately as this product is limited in it’s availability.

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