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Private Tours Of The Grand Canyon

Private Tours Of The Grand Canyon

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One of the most popular tours leaving Las Vegas in 2020 is the private Grand Canyon tour.  This completely personalized for of one of the most popular in spectacular landmarks in the United States leaves from Las Vegas Nevada and travels to the Grand Canyon in the northwest area of Arizona.  The Grand Canyon was carved by the Colorado River, and features more than 277 miles breathtaking scenery and ample activities.  You can do everything in the Grand Canyon from hiking and camping to Whitewater rafting and arial expeditions, and as a result of this vast amount of ability to entertain yourself there are close to five million people visiting the Grand Canyon every year.  One of the primary complaints regarding the Grand Canyon is that it is one of the most popular national park areas in the United States and as a result has a large amount of tourists.  For this reason, we actually view the Coronavirus pandemic as a unique opportunity to offer our tours of the region in a way that will have limitations on the amount of other people in the park.  For those who were looking for a completely unique experience comes along only once in a lifetime, the private tour of the Grand Canyon during this time of limited travel is an opportunity that cannot be beat.

There are actually two different sides of the Grand Canyon, the south rim which is where almost 90% of all visitors access the area is open year round.  The north rim is more remote and are only able to be accessed by automobile, also being closed during the winter due to heavy snow.  Our private tours offer complete personalization of the experience, so just let us know what you want to do and we will be able to make it happen.  If you want to visit the south rim in order to see foxes and bighorn sheep, rock squirrels and mule deer there will be more than you can imagine.  This is only a small portion of the wild diversity of life that is found in the region.  Our personalized tours are now available for a discounted rate as we have limited the amount of people that can be transported within a single van down to four people.  This means that you will be able to choose from the amount of personalization that is offered, formed a standardized version of our Grand Canyon tour where you simply have the van to yourself and your own private guide, all the way up to a completely personalized and private tour where you will have the ability to dictate not only how long is spent in the region but also the activities that we will engage in.  No matter what your choice, the Grand Canyon is going to assure you an unforgettable experience.  Just make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and layers, because it can range from very warm to very cold on the same day.

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