Private Tours Of Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is located in Northern Montana, directly on the border of the United States and Canada. It is located next to the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Because of it’s remote nature, it is sometimes overlooked by people who are outdoors lovers and adventure tour enthusiasts, due to there being other alternative tours that are also available in Canada. While there are certainly benefits to any of the Canadian Rockies tours that are more popular, a private tour of Glacier National Park is a fantastic way to spend a few days and get away from it all. It is rare to see nature in such a pristine state, and also see actual glaciers that have been around for thousands of years. Unfortunately, this may also be a once-in-a-lifetime experience because there are some that are predicting that the glaciers in this region may be completely gone by the year 2020. While global warming has created a situation where you will never again be able to see them at the peak of their glory, at this stage you still can see them to a certain degree. They might not be as impressive as they once were, but they are still unlike anything that you have ever witnessed.

Our tours of Glacier are private, which means that the itinerary and the amount of time that is spent touring the park is up to you and your group. All arrangements are made before hand so that there are no surprises, but unlike packaged tours that are offered to other state parks and protected regions, we find that the tours of Glacier within a private and small group setting are the most fulfilling. There are more than 700 miles of trails throughout the park, as well as some of the best fishing available on earth. The best season for fishing in Glacier National Park is May through November, and while you do not need a license or permit to fish in the park, there are limitations on the amount of fish and the sizes that you can keep. Because of the abundance of fish in the area, you will probably need to pay attention to not catch too much! Boating and fishing are the best parts of Glacier.

To see the park’s namesake we can transport you to Many Glacier. This is the area that some predict may be gone soon, so make sure you request it as part of your private tour. Our personal favorite hike is Hidden Lake Overlook, a three mile hike that is going to provide some of the best views of the park that you are ever going to see. It is also common in the park to see mountain goats, so keep your eyes peeled during hikes and boating from all areas.

Our private tours of Glacier are designed to be what you wan them to be. If there is something special that you want for your group, feel free to ask about it and we will work it into the tour.

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