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Private National Parks Tours

Private National Parks Tours

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2020 has been a very difficult year with regards to travel and exploring new places.  The Coronavirus pandemic has created a situation where people are not sure exactly what precautions must be taken to remain safe, as well as what sorts of restrictions may be in place at their favorite destinations.  Even in an area like Disney world is open, it is difficult to understand if there are restrictions or if there are going to be special circumstances that are going to impact your travel whenever you are making your plans.  This is probably one of the reasons that national park tours have become such a popular search online.  People assume that because national parks are outdoors and are generally able to be experienced on your own, it’ll be a good idea to simply packed with family into a car and drive from your starting point to the national park of your choice.  What they probably don’t understand is that there are restrictions in place even in national park settings, and this may come as a shock to them because they assume it is simply an outdoor region with an entrance.  National Parks are operated by the United States government, and restrictions with regards to staffing and the limitation of the amount of people that can be gathered in a certain area have caused these areas to be limited in the amount of capacity but the park will have on any one day.  This means that if you plan on going to a national park with your family, you are going to need to secure a day pass months in advance.  Is not suggested that you attempt to simply drive to the national park you want to visit and expect to get in, as the capacities fill up very quickly and are almost never able to sustain the entrance of people who have not arranged for their pass in advance.  These limitations on capacities created a situation where people get to experience the parks without the crowds that are typically present, which for many is a dream come true.  The last thing that you want whenever you are visiting majestic areas is a crowd, and with these limitations you can easily feel as though the park is your own.

It is highly suggested in the remainder of 2020 and early 2021 for you to arrange for your tour to be through a licensed operator.  Businesses have the ability to secure word entrance passes more easily than the public does, which means that we will probably be able to provide you with your tour far easier than you quote on your own.  We also offer privatized versions of our tours in response to see the precautions that been issued by the CDC.  We reduced our capacities in our vans down to four for a private tour, which means that you will be able to have your own private Sherpa guide you through a national park with a limited amount of capacity for this special time.  Contact us today to find out more.

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