Private Hiking Tours Of Zion National Park

Bindlestiff Private Tours is one of the premier private tour companies in America, specializing in tours of the southwestern National Parks.  What makes the tours that are offered to adventure groups and the private tours so different is the completely customizable aspect that is gained when booking a private tour.  In addition to limiting the group to only those people chosen by you, the tours themselves are able to be fully customized so as to explore the exact areas that you specify.  One such case is Zion National Park, which is available through Bindlestiff Tours as part of a two day excursion featuring some of the finest scenery and hiking available in Utah, but is also available as a private tour that allows you to personally explore the trails and areas within Zion that you desire.  While the typical group tour takes you to specific areas of Zion for a full day of exploration, there are still many other trails and areas that are not within our typical program, as they cannot all be explored within the timeframe of a one day trip.  To satisfy the more adventurous hikers, we offer the private hiking tour of Zion which can be completely customized to experience trails that are not typically hiked, and for timeframes that are as long as you desire.

Zion National Park is considered one of the best hiking destinations in the United States.  The park itself has many miles of hiking trails for all skill levels, and each has it’s own unique features.  The following is a list of the trails available for hiking within Zion, and a few interesting elements about each trail.  Some of the lower trails are wheelchair accessible.

Angels Landing Strenuous
The favorite hike in Zion of most of the Bindlestiff Tours staff.  Very challenging and steep.

Canyon Overlook Easy
A favorite among photographers, this hike has produced some of the most iconic photographs of Zion ever taken.

East Temple Saddle Strenuous
The Saddle route is a lesser known hike, and is perfect for adventurers who want to avoid the crowds.

Emerald Pool-Lower Easy
The Lower Pool is popular beginner hikers for it’s accessibility and still breathtaking scenery.

Emerald Pool-Middle Moderate
Two streams come together to form the middle pools, the first coming out of Behunin Canyon and the second originating from Heaps Canyon.

Emerald Pools-Upper Moderate
The Upper Pool is the pinnacle of Zion’s Emerald Pools system. This is a short hike of only 1.5 miles, but it pays dividends when you reach the pool.

Grotto Trail Easy
The Grotto Trail is a short stretch that connects the Grotto picnic area to Zion Lodge. It is an easy hike that is mostly level.

Hidden Canyon Strenuous
Hidden Canyon is a short hike, but features a very steep ascent, between Cable Mountain and the backside of the Great White Throne.

Kayenta Trail Easy
Kayenta Trail is located withing the most explored and heavily hiked area of Zion, against the west wall of Zion Canyon, between the Emerald Pools and Big Bend.

Kolob Arch Strenuous
Kolob Arch, the second longest arch in the world.

Mineral Gulch Strenuous
This route leads through a pristine area on the east edge of Zion Park, a scenic narrow canyon with flowing water.

Observation Point Strenuous
At 6,521 feet in elevation atop Mount Baldy, and jutting out into one of the widest sections of Zion Canyon, this hike is spectacular.

Orderville Gulch Technical
Even more narrow than the Zion Narrows, Orderville Gulch is one of the most beautiful hikes in Zion.

Pa’rus Trail Easy
From a Paiute word meaning, bubbling, tumbling water, this is a fun, paved trail

Parunuweap Canyon Strenuous
Overlooking the East Fork of the Virgin River, Parunuweap Canyon Trail is considered by many to be even more spectacular than the Zion Narrows.

Pine Creek Waterfall Moderate
This waterfall is beautiful, and still quite accessible, unlike many of the more remote waterfalls of the Zion area.

Right Fork of North Creek Strenuous
The Right Fork of North Creek is an incredible waterway, full of sandstone and waterfalls.

Riverside Walk Easy
Also called the Gateway to the Narrows, this path is wide, paved, and as easy to navigate as any sidewalk.

Sand Bench Loop Moderate
The Sand Bench is the massive earthen shelf off to the left of the Floor of the Canyon Road as one enters Zion Canyon.

Taylor Creek Middle Fork Moderate
The Middle Fork of Taylor Creek is spectacular, short hike into one of the beautifully secluded canyons.

Taylor Creek North Fork Moderate
Between Tucupit Point and Horse Ranch Mountain among the Kolob Canyon Fingers, the North Fork of Taylor Creek offers a great, medium-length hike.

Taylor Creek South Fork Moderate
The South Fork of Taylor Creek hides some of the exquisitely gorgeous canyon scenery that Zion is known for.

The Narrows Strenuous
This is the most popular hike in Zion Park, and one of the world’s best canyon hikes.

The Subway Technical
The Subway is a classic semi-technical slot canyon hike in Zion National Park. To complete the hike you wade/swim/scramble/climb.

Watchman Trail Easy
The Watchman Trail is a fantastic trail that, along with the bike trail, is just within the sanctuary of the park and often overlooked.

Weeping Rock Easy
A short hike from the road takes you to the verdant gardens of Weeping Rock.

West Rim Trail In And Out Strenuous
A long, tremendous hike with awesome vistas of some of the most breathtaking mountains, canyons, and forests that Zion has to offer.

West Rim Trail Super Hike Strenuous
A long, and quite strenuous hike with awesome vistas of some of the most breathtaking mountains, canyons, and forests that Zion has to offer.

Wildcat Canyon Trail Strenuous
Wildcat Canyon is a wide, rocky canyon just south of the Lava Point Campground in the Kolob Terrace section of the park.

Easy Easy Moderate Moderate Strenuous Strenuous Technical Technical

Any of the hikes listed above are available as part of a private hiking tour package of Zion National Park.  For more information about the options available, contact us directly to arrange your next private tour.

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