Private Antelope Canyon Tours


Antelope canyon is a slot canyon located in the southwestern United States on an area of Navajo controlled land located east of Page Arizona.  It is one of the most unique areas visually on earth, consisting of two scenic sections known as the crack and the corkscrew.  And the name of the upper antelope canyon area in the Navajo language translates to “the place where water runs through rocks.” This is due to the fact that antelope canyon itself was created through the flash flooding process brought on by rainwater during the monsoon season.  This water runs into the extensive basin of above the slot canyon ultimately picking up speed in rushing through the narrow passageways.  Over many years, these passageways have become eroded away, smoothing the edges in a way that has formed a flowing shape to the rocks.  The way the antelope canyon was created makes it ultimately dangerous to tour, since this flash flooding continues to this day.  There have been instances of tourists being harmed or killed over the years due to flood waters happening even on days where there was no visible rainfall from the canyon itself.  The rainfall can happen many miles away, ultimately resulting in flash flooding through the canyon.  This flooding gives almost no notice, which is led to the installation of safety devices along the pathways, as well as a total restriction on tourism if there is any chance of rain within the area that can contribute to flood waters.  Navajo nation runs its own weather service in addition to the national weather service in order to protect tourism and safety.

If you would like to tour antelope canyon, you must realize that you’re not allowed to tour it on your own.  In order to gain access to the area, it is required that you have a Navajo guide or someone who has been authorized by the tribe to lead tours through the area.  This can make it difficult for some people who are attempting to arrange tours due to the fact that it is almost impossible to tell if tours will be allowed for that particular day until you are there.  Long lines will sometimes hinder your ability to show up and buy a ticket.  This is why it is suggested that you tour antelope canyon utilizing one of our private tour packages that also visits other areas.  We structure these tours so that if the antelope canyon area is off limits for that time frame, we still have other options to tour that are not so far away that the day is wasted.  We highly suggest that you do not risk disappointments by attempting to organize your own antelope canyon tour, simply because driving all the way from Las Vegas as a starting point to the antelope canyon area only to find out that you cannot tour that day can be quite disappointing.  It is always best to have a multi park game plan that will be able to compensate for any inclement weather conditions.