Private Antelope Canyon Day Tours


Antelope canyon is located on an area of Navajo Indian reservation land to the east of Page, Arizona.  It is a completely unique area that is unlike almost everywhere else on earth.  First and foremost, it is a slot canyon which is ultimately a crack in the earth has been created by rushing water.  What makes antelope canyon unique is that this is not been accomplished by a river running through the area over thousands of years.  Instead, the soft sandstone rock was eroded away by flash flood waters that had been produced by rain during the monsoon season in the area.  What makes this completely unique is that this flash flooding can be produced from rain many miles away, ultimately not even being able to be seen when standing at the entrance to the canyon itself.  This may seem hard to believe, but many times when there isn’t a cloud in the sky and no chance of rain directly above you, antelope canyon can still see flash flooding.  This makes the area very dangerous, and has led to steps being taken to prevent injury or death of those who are exploring this unique area in the American Southwest.  In addition to the national weather service, Navajo nation also operates its own weather service which continually scans the area for signs of rain.  If there’s any chance whatsoever of rain within the range that can contribute to ration water through antelope canyon, then tours are not allowed for a specific period of time.  The inside of the canyon has also been outfitted with safety devices in the event of a flash flooding while there is a tour going on.  Antelope canyon is not able to be poured on your own, and in order to ensure the safety of the patrons a Navajo guide must be with you at all time.  Navajo nation allows those who have been certified to lead tours to take their groups through after being arranged.

Most tour operators will highly suggest not attempting to arrange a tour of antelope canyon on your own.  The main reason for this is that you’re not allowed to do is self guided tour anyway, and you must book your tickets in advance in order to assure that you’ll be able to join a tour on the day you arrive.  There are many cases when tours have been sold out, ultimately resulting in the disappointment of those left behind.  In addition, the weather is unpredictable and has very little chance of being assured previous to the day of the tour.  For this reason, most tour operators will arrange an alternative tour to other national parks in the area in the event at antelope canyon is closed on that day.  It is a significant drive from Las Vegas to Page Arizona, and without the assurance that you will have the ability to tour the area, you must be able to react quickly and arrange other forms of entertainment in this case.  Leave it to the professionals.