Montana comes from the Spanish word for mountain and it may be the presence of mountains that led it to becoming The Treasure State. The world’s shortest river is found in the state and the highest point is at an amazing 3901 meters at Granite Peak.

Glacier National Park is in Montana and has become a hiker’s paradise because of the alpine meadows, the mountains, and over 700 miles of trails. You can use walking tours to see show of the historic chalets and learn about the Native American stories.

Montana is also home to the Little Rocky Mountains. One of the most popular areas is the Hole in the Wall Trail, which features limestone cliffs as well as natural bridges and arches. It’s possible to climb up the trail in order to get a bird’s eye view of the entire North Fork Little Peoples Creek Valley.

With so many beautiful rivers in Montana, including those along the Grate Divide, there is the Missouri River, the Ruby River, Madison River, Judith River, and many more. Each one offers something different – incredible views of mountain ranges, great fishing, and even boating tours that allow you to see what Montana truly has to offer in terms of the natural beauty.

Montana is home to Roe River, which is the shortest river in the world. It is 201 feet in length and is around 6 to 8 feet deep at most. It runs between the Missouri River and Giant Springs and is found in the area of Great Falls. In 1989, the Guinness Book of Records named the Roe River as the shortest in the world, thus providing Montana with bragging rights for its waterways.

Unusual fact – there are 45 streams in the state named Willow Creek.