Moab, Utah, is the center of all tourist adventures in southeast Utah and is often labeled as the adrenaline capital of the Southwest USA. Almost anything outdoorsy that you can imagine that can be done in a warm climate can be done here. Some activities offered within close proximity of Moab include hiking, climbing, biking, four wheeling, skydiving, base jumping, river rafting, and much more. Your imagination is the limit.

Moab town is ideally situated near the Canyonlands and Arches National Parks as well as Monument Valley. Moab is the center of attention for any tourism in the four corners region of Utah. Moab is peppered with trusted national chain restaurants as well as award winning local restaurants serving delicious cuisine.

The town of Moab, Utah, was established in 1878 after the biblical town of Moab near the Jordan River. Its founders believed that the location mimicked the far country similar to Moab. The town’s population is slightly over 5,000 residents, but during peak tourist seasons, the temporary population can easily swell to triple that size. The town is a popular base of operations of hikers, mountain bikers, and off road drivers.

One of the most popular events held in Moab is the annual Jeep Safari, where thousands of Jeeps flock to Moab to challenge the difficult terrain for nine days, ending on Easter Sunday. Although it is a Jeep festival, many other off road vehicles partake in the festivities. It is a sight to see for any Jeep or off road vehicle fan.

About sixteen miles from Moab, National Geographic rated the Hole N’ the Rock one of the top ten roadside attractions in America. This is a unique 5,000 square foot, 14-room home that was carved into a huge rock nearly 100 years ago. Tourists are offered a 12-minute guided tour that features the original owner’s doll collection, original paintings, tools used for excavation, and access to the attraction’s zoo that houses zebra, bison, camel, and more.

Moab is a central hub for individual outdoor activities as well as tours to the nearby national parks. Because of its prime, strategic location, adventurists do not need to come prepared. Visitors can get everything they need in Moab.

Our favorite activity:

Dead Horse Point; endless hiking opportunities located nine miles from Moab and close to Canyonlands National Park.

Why we love it:

Excellent 2,000 foot canyon views into the Colorado River; Amazing views of deep canyons. Cowboys used the area as a natural corral to break wild mustangs.


Time your visit for sunset. Dead Horse Point can be visited on the way back to Moab from Canyonlands Island in the Sky district. Take a cooler and some charcoal, have a sunset BBQ and enjoy!