Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree


Joshua Tree National Park is a popular stop off on any Southwest USA tour. Located in the Southeastern California Desert it offers a unique look at the habitat, the vegetation and the wildlife as well as the obvious- the Joshua Trees!

There are several backcountry roads, backpacking areas and nature walks. From easy to difficult, there is something for every level of adventurer in your party.

For those looking for a relaxing activity at Joshua Tree National Park, you should check out the wildflowers. Spring blooming season offers spectacular views and incredible color to the desert terrain.

Another great way to kick back and relax here is by stargazing. Away from the city lights, you can truly see the beauty of the night sky. The incredible number of stars, planets and constellations can be viewed without the interruption of outside light sources. You can even get a great look at The Milky Way, which can be difficult to see in most places across the southwest USA and the rest of the country.

A truly unique part of Joshua Tree National Park is Keys Ranch. Rangers lead a guided tour that will show and explain to you the amazing mining history of the area. Keys Ranch includes a school house, store and workshop. On display is mining equipment that would have been used during the booming mining days in the region.

Our favorite walk:

Mastodon Peak, a 3-mile hike

Why we love it:

This is a difficult trail, but the views make it well worth the work. At the summit you will get a spectacular look at both the Salton Sea and Eagle Mountain.


Make sure to look for what is left of Mastodon Mine, which was a gold mine in operation until the 1970’s.