Great Basin

Great Basin


The Great Basin, with 200,000 square miles of land coverage spanning from California, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Utah, it is the largest area of scenic and natural beauty in the Southwest United States.

Visitors can enjoy the Great Basin by visiting the Great Basin National Park which was established in 1986 and is located near the border of Utah in Nevada. The Great Basin, which reaches altitudes between 5,000 and 13,000 feet above sea level, has a variety of fossils, fresh water springs and beautiful rock formations. Deserts, as well as beautiful mountain peaks are quite abundant and fill the scenery with a vast array of beauty. There are many creeks and natural caves to explore in the region.

Great Basin has a vast array of beautiful plants within its boundaries. Visitors will be astonished at the beauty of the alpine flowers, and the fragrant smells from the bristlecone pines are a delight to the senses. Also found within the area is sagebrush, pear cactus and aspen that grow throughout the desert area as well as the majestic mountain peaks. For animal lovers, Great Basin has roaming mountain lions, jackrabbits, snakes and many other beautiful animals in their natural habitat. Bird lovers will find hundreds of bird species including the Clarks Nutcracker, Bushtit, Great Horned Owl and many more.

Abundant walking trails will take visitors through the beauty and natural wonder of places such as Lehman Caves, the Bristlecone Pine Trail and many other beautifully scenic areas. Children can become Junior Rangers which is always a thrill for them as they learn of the culture of Indians who lived in the Great Basin for over 1000 years, as well as about the wildlife and animals throughout the area.

Our favorite walk:

Osceola Ditch Trail

Why we love it:

Walk through a forest of Ponderosa Pine, White Fir and Douglas Fir trees to the remnant of an 18 mile channel built by gold miners in the 1880’s. It’s unique and historic. An easy trail under 1 mile.


At an elevation of between 5000 and 13,000 feet above sea level it does get cool, especially in the evenings. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing for cooler temperatures while vacationing, even in the summertime.