Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon photo by Steve Baylin

The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular landmarks in the United States, located in the Southwest USA close to Utah and Nevada in the Northwest area of Arizona. The Grand Canyon is carved by the Colorado River. With 277 miles of beautiful scenery, there is always something exciting to do. From walks and hikes to camping, aerial expeditions and white water rafting, there is something for all ages. Close to 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon National Park annually.

Geologists have estimated that the Grand Canyon began forming over 5 million years ago. Rocks that date back well over 1.8 million years ago are at the bottom of the canyon itself. The beauty of the Colorado River can be seen flowing from the South end of the canyon and if you look carefully you may spot a river raft over a mile below the rim.

There are two different sides to the canyon itself. The South Rim, which is where close to 90% of all visitors access the canyon, can be accessed by plane or automobile and is open year round. The North Rim, which is more remote and can only be accessed by automobile, is closed throughout the winter months due to heavy snow.

There is an abundance of wildlife to be seen in the Grand Canyon. At the South Rim, animals such as Gray Fox, Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer, and Rock Squirrels can be seen. In the North Rim, Mountain Lions, Goshawks, and Kaibab Squirrels can be seen. Ponderosa and Pinyon Pines, Blue Spruce and many other species of plant-life can be seen throughout the entire canyon.

Our favorite walk:

The South Kaibab Trail.
A beautiful trail from the South rim. This hike takes you along a ridge into the canyon itself for stunning vistas. Although the trail descends all the way down to the Colorado River, we like to take it 1.5 miles to Cedar Ridge for a picnic lunch before heading back up to enjoy the rest of the day along the rim.

Why we love it:

Even if you a not a big hiker this hike will reward with outstanding views after just 15 minutes of walking.


When hiking the Grand Canyon, make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and ensure that you have packed flashlights and extra batteries. Also make sure to have plenty of water as the air is clean, yet very dry and hot, and dehydration can occur rapidly if not hydrated.