Glacier National Park Is Vanishing

If you planned on taking a tour of Glacier National Park during your lifetime, now is the time to do it. Of course there are other national parks that are just as beautiful, but the clock is not ticking on them the way it is on Glacier. Of course natural disasters could change things and make other parks unable to be visited, but with Glacier the situation is different and quite dire. Glacier National Park is disappearing before our eyes, and if you don’t see it soon you may miss it forever.

Glacier National Park was the 10th park in the United States, created by President William Taft in 1910. Due to pressure from explorers who felt that the area needed protection against industry, it received protected status and assured the thousands of visitors every year that they would continue to be treated to the unspoiled views of nature that the area is known for.  While it is protected against overt destruction by companies looking to exploit natural resources, there is no way to protect it’s namesake glaciers from climate change. When the park was created at the turn of the century, there were more than 150 active glaciers that could be seen from the Many Glacier viewpoint. Today, the warming of the world’s oceans and lakes has reduced the amount of ice in Glacier National Park by 85%, and now there are only 26 glaciers left. Scientists predict that there is a good chance that at this rate they will not longer be available for viewing by the end of 2020, and while this may see alarming it is entirely possible. In only the last 50 years, we have almost totally lost the glaciers that make the park so enjoyable.

Our tours of glacier are private, meaning that you and a small group will get to dictate exactly what we do and see. We will act as your guide and will suggest some of the best aspects, but if you want to do something in particular just let us know and we will work it into the trip. One of the most popular aspects of our private tours is the fishing and boating that is available. Even though there are no permits or licenses necessary to fish to your heart’s content, there are limits on the amount of fish that you can catch and keep. This will provide most fishing enthusiasts with a trip to be remembered forever in most cases. If there are any other points of interest that you and your group are interested in, just mention them when you contact us and we will work them into your private tour schedule. There is nearly nothing that is off limits during our private tours, and we assure you that your group will never have experienced anything like this on any other tour. Just keep an eye out for the wildlife and creatures that inhabit the area currently, because you may be amazed at what you see. When you are ready for your Glacier tour, contact Bindlestiff Tours.

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