Every Kid In A Park Program

Public Domain NPS Photo
Public Domain NPS Photo

“Every Kid In A Park” is a new initiative being put forth by the National Parks Service in celebration of it’s 100 year anniversary next year.  The initiative is being funded in part by increased funding of 45 million through the Department of the Interior to be put toward youth outreach programs, almost 20 million of that going to the National Parks Service.  The “Every Kid In A Park” program is going to provide free admission for fourth graders and their families to any national park protected by the United States for a full year, and additionally there are increased funding efforts put forth for schools and families in need in order to assist with travel and coordination expenses.  The program and crowdfunding links can be found on the following website:  http://www.nationalparks.org/ook/every-kid-in-a-park

Bindlestiff Private Tours is a supporter of any program which is designed to encourage children to explore the beauty of our national park system, and fully encourages parents to take advantage of these programs in order to enable children to spend more time outdoors.  It is estimated that children spend more than 7 hours every day in front of computer and television screens, and decreasing amounts of time being spent outdoors has been found to contribute to depression and addictive behaviour.  Experiencing the touring of national parks first hand is a great way to provide a look at the country that many children have never experienced.

“Thanks to our public-private partnerships, we are able to open up a world of experiential learning in our nation’s largest classrooms – our national parks. Every Kid in a Park will enhance this important work and will give many youth and their families the opportunity to explore our national parks for the first time.” – Dan Wenk, president of the National Park Foundation

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