Cooler Weather Makes National Park Exploration More Fun

As the cooler temperatures quickly move in to Las Vegas, and only about a month or so of triple digit temperatures can be expected, it is the perfect time to begin planning your Las Vegas vacation and considering allocating a few days toward exploration of our nearby National Parks.  One aspect of Las Vegas that many tourists do not realize is the close proximity to many National Parks in Nevada, Utah and Arizona, and the ability to utilize a southwest tour company like Bindlestiff Tours to facilitate your adventure.  Bindlestiff Private Tours is an extension of Bindlestiff Tours, with the added benefit of allowing the tour experience to be completely customized due to the private nature of the group.  Through a private tour, you get to select the people who will be joining your group as well as the location, the itinerary, the length of the tour and other aspects.  Our guide will completely customize your experience so that you get everything that you ever dreamed of from a tour of a southwest National Park, and your ability to explore the area completely the way you wish to is an aspect that only a private tour can give you.

Bindlestiff Private Tours leaves from any hotel in Las Vegas, and will pick up your guests at the entrance to their hotels as well.  Our tour buses will then transport your group to the National Park or parks of your choice, delivering the experience that you have created through your consultation with them.  If you want to visit the Grand Canyon and camp for five days, that is an option that is at your disposal.  If you want to see Monument Valley on horseback exactly the way the early cowboys did, just ask and we will organize it for you.  Our starting location of Las Vegas gives us prime proximity to many of the finest National Parks in the country within a drive that is many times only a few hours.  One of the best aspects of our tours according to many of our guests is that they are transported to the park and can rest up for their adventure on the way, as well as not having to drive home on their own after their adventure is over.

Your next Las Vegas vacation wouldn’t be complete without at least a few days set aside to experience the aspects of the desert that so many visitors never see, and do not even realize exist.  When they arrive in Las Vegas they get to experience the casinos and the bright lights of the strip, but so few people realize that the wide open spaces and beauty of many of the best National Parks in America are available to them by simply giving us a call and letting us know exactly where you would like to go and for how long.  Our private tours do not need to keep the same schedules and routes as our other tours due to the fact that the experiences are customized for your group and your group alone.  There is no better way to see the beauty of the southwest.

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