Colorado was the 38th state added to the union in 1876 which is where it gets the nickname the centennial State. Consisting of the southern part of the Rocky Mountains makes Colorado one of the most visited tourist attractions for avid skiers and snow boarders. Most people are familiar with the town of Aspen as a destination for people who love to hit the slopes. Located in Pitkin County, this ski haven is home to less than 7,000 permanent residents.

During the summer months, Aspen is a relatively quiet town but the colder months when the slopes are continuously covered in fresh powder, the ski resorts become a haven for skiers and snow boarders alike. Aspen is home to some of the most challenging ski resorts to be found anywhere in the world. This small city also offers slopes which were designed for the beginner and intermediate skier. Aspen is named after the Aspen trees which grow so abundantly in the town, but few people choose to visit for the arboreal beauty. This town is synonymous with ski resorts and there may be no better place to go for a terrific ski vacation.

Small state big city. Known fondly as the mile high city, Denver, Colorado was named the mile high city because the elevation is exactly 5,280 feet (one mile) above sea level. Besides being a metropolis, Denver is also home to some of the most successful sports teams in the country.

Regardless of which team sport you enjoy, you could catch a game or two during a vacation to this great city. The Colorado Avalanche are Denver’s professional hockey team and the Colorado Rockies are the professional baseball team. Both franchises have enjoyed moderate success in their history and you can go and see either of them play during a visit to the mile high city.

The Denver nuggets are the city’s pro basketball team and they also offer a sport’s fan the opportunity to sit back and catch a game. Of course, the most popular sport’s franchise within the city of Denver is the all-mighty Broncos who just completed the most successful offensive season in NFL history. Though they didn’t complete the task of winning the trophy, they’ll surely be a force to be reckoned with in this upcoming season. The city of Denver also offers people the opportunity to catch a concert or enjoy some of the finest cuisine to be found anywhere in the world. Without a doubt, a Colorado vacation is one you’re sure to remember for the rest for your life.