Celebrate America By Seeing It (Not Just Lighting Fireworks)

As the Fourth Of July approaches, and we are planning celebrations to pay homage to this great country that we call home by lighting off fireworks and grilling hot dogs, we stop for just a second to consider the fact that many people have never even seen many of the wonders that make this country great.  Not only is there the freedom to exercise your opinions and to vote for our leaders, but this country also is home to some of the most beautiful and spectacular scenery on earth.  This year, we offer this for consideration…how about going out and seeing this great country for yourself in order to have a better understanding of why we are celebrating on the Fourth Of July?

Bindlestiff Private Tours offers personalized tours of the Southwestern United States, and the fantastic National Parks that are part of it.  Many people do not tour National Parks simply because they do not want to make the long drives associated with getting to the destination, and once they would be there they have no idea of what to look for.  Bindlestiff Private Tours takes a personal approach to your adventure tours, allowing you to decide where you would like to go and who will go with you, and then we take care of the elements that you would want us to.  While you sit back and relax in our tour van, accompanied by the people you have decided are in the group and no others, you are transported from your hotel in Las Vegas to your destination(s) where our knowledgeable guide takes care of everything for you, from food to lodging or camping.  Our guides will also bring a flavor to your adventure that you probably didn’t expect, because you will get to experience the area in a way that you choose, guided by a person who knows the area from a local’s perspective.  What this means is that you aren’t just watching it go by from the windows of a bus, you are actually getting to “live” in the area like a local would.  You can camp outside in the Grand Canyon or visit the tiny shops and “locals only” places that are off the tracks for most tourists.  While there is nothing wrong with sitting back and taking pictures, it is a unique experience to actually interact with the environment in the way that only we provide, and we highly suggest it in order to understand the beauty that this country has to offer.

Bindlestiff Private Tours can organize any tour of the Southwest that you can dream up, and the limitations are only what you want them to be.  This is the best way to understand why we celebrate the Fourth Of July.  America is truly beautiful, and we can be your guide to see it.

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