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Should there be a buffer zone around National Parks?

As a tour operator that provides private tours from Vegas, there is consistently an interest from our clients to tour National Parks on their own terms, and with their small groups.  With a recent development at Saguaro National Park (one of our favorite private tour destinations) that would allow for development very near the entrance to the Rincon Mountain side of the park, the question as to buffer zones for development has been brought up relating to all National Parks.  Even though the only designated areas that are protected are within the boundaries of the National Park itself, nearly every National Park has some form of development very near it.  This has been the dialog used by developers who wish to create new towns, resorts and other encroaching projects very near the entrances to several parks.  This argument does not take into consideration that the majority of these developments existed previous to the National Park area being declared

At Saguaro, builders want to create the Bike Ranch development which would cater to bicycling enthusiasts with trails, living spaces and entertainment complexes being constructed just outside the park entrances.  This would significantly increase traffic in the areas, and potentially spoil the “night sky” of the park, which essentially means that a clearer view of the stars in the sky are seen from areas without development and ground lighting.  As developments get closer to the open spaces designated under protection, these types of aspects are compromised.

Private National Parks tours from Vegas are a staple of many who visit the Southwestern United States seeking the natural beauty that the unique landscapes offer them.  As a provider of these types of services, we encourage our readers and patrons to contact the representatives in states where national parks are located, and urge them to vote against encroachment from development, and for preservation of our National Parks with a buffer zone.

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