Arches National Park is unique for its more than 2,000 red rock arches. These are all naturally-formed, not man-made, making it a true spectacle.

Your custom tour of Arches National Park can include can take anywhere from an hour and a half to several hours, depending on how much you want to drive and how much time you want to spend at the landmarks. The amazing rock formations here provide a great opportunity for photography. Sunrise and sunset provide particularly great colors and shadows to capture.

The arches are geologic natural occurrences formed by huge salt deposits embedded and essentially stuck in the Moab Valley when the shallow seas that inhabited this area millions of years ago drained away. Faults and fissures appeared pushing the salt deposits to the surface. The salt eroded away over time leaving the rocks above them and forming arches.

Walks and hikes range from easy to strenuous and are the best way to view some of the well known arches such as Delicate Arch and Landscape Arch. Other sites include the Window District- a well populated maze of easy trails to various arches and windows, Balancing Rock and Wall Street- a fun mile long trail through the heart of towering fins. This trail is marked by cairns and its best to get your guide to drop you off at one end of the trail and pick you up at the other end to save doubling back on yourself.

Our favorite walk:

Broken Arch with loop, a 2-mile trail

Why we love it:

It will only take about a half an hour to an hour to complete and you will get to see multiple sites along the way, including an arch, a meadow and sand dunes.


Make sure to take the loop part of the trail to see fin canyons.