Rachel Frampton

Senior Tour Guide/Owner Bindlestiff Private Tours

Rachel-Tour-Leader-PhotoRachel began her tour leading career in 1994 when she began leading tours in Greece with Thomas Cook. Her true passion for adventure travel soon evolved and she continued to work and travel the world ever since. Working as a tour leader throughout the USA Southwest and the Canadian Rockies for the past 7 years, Rachel is an avid outdoor enthusiast; her favorite pursuits are hiking, mountain bike riding and white water rafting.

“As a small company we are able to create a unique experience for clients, really tailoring each trip to different group dynamics. We are able to keep client costs to a minimum and continue to provide unparalleled value for money.  We love what we do and every day is a new adventure!”

When Rachel is not on the road leading adventure tours in the Southwest USA she can be found relaxing in Bali Indonesia, surfing, doing yoga and rejuvenating.


Khriss Urban

Senior Tour Guide/Owner Bindlestiff Private Tours

Khriss-Urban-Tour-LeaderKhriss has been leading small group adventure tours since 1997 across the  USA and Canada. Patient and enthusiastic, Khriss enjoys showing others the awe inspiring natural world as much as he loves discovering its wonders for himself. Khriss is an expert in leading  Southwest USA tours. A keen adventurer and historian, Khriss is a great storyteller loves spending evenings around the campfire or dinner table sharing traveling tales and making new friends.

When Khriss is not leading tours he is globetrotting, seeking out new adventures around the world!

“It’s all part of the adventure-the people, the places, the lifestyle! I get to meet interesting people from all over the world and show them one of the most unique and exciting regions on earth!”


Michael Lett

Senior Tour Guide Bindlestiff Tours

Michael-Lett-Tour-Guide-Bindlestiff-Tours2Michael was conceived deep in the heart of Texas in early spring and entered this world under a fiery Sagittarian sky- born a nomad. Summertime family vacations varied from the traditional Florida family fiasco, to wilderness camping.

After graduating from Texas Tech University he traveled throughout Western Europe, then Asia for a year, then Australia, South and Central Americas and India.  However, his heart belongs to the open roads of North America and the National Parks of the United States.

Michael embarked on his tour guiding career 13 years ago in Los Angeles, California. He operated coast to coast camping and lodging tours in the United States and the Canadian Rockies. He now migrates between Alaska and the great North American deserts. Michael believes Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Death Valley, and all the lovely arches, salt flats, and ghost towns in between are some of the most special places on Earth.

“How lucky am I to earn a living showing visitors spectacular National Parks of the American Southwest. (I also have collected so many stamps in my National Park Passport Stamp book that I had to buy a second book! Unfortunately my close friend and fellow guide, Tim Wilcox, still has only one (1) stamp book.)”

Jennie Dufour

Senior Tour Guide Bindlestiff Tours

Jennie-Dufour-tl-picHailing from the Northeast (Massachusetts to be exact), Jennie grew up playing in the woods and camping in the backyard, developing a love for the outdoors.

Having exchange students from around the world live with her growing up, she was always been fascinated with travelling and seeing the world.  Jennie started her travel career as a travel agent and travelling the world when she could.  Becoming a tour leader 8 years ago allowed her to explore her own country in more depth, as well as travel internationally.

She first started leading tours throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico.  She then decided that she wanted to explore and work in other parts of the world and has since worked as an overland tour driver and leader in Eastern and Southern Africa, India, Nepal and Central America.  Having worked and travelled in 49 different countries, she has now realized home is where the heart is- The Southwest USA!

Always up for an adventure, in her spare time you may find her whitewater rafting the Grand Canyon, hopping on a sailboat across the Indian Ocean or hitchhiking through Morocco.

Cory Friend

Senior Tour Guide Bindlestiff Tours


Walking home from work in Manhattan one day, Cory had an epiphany:

Surrounded by concrete, she realized she needed to live in more natural spaces. So she quit her job and spent a year with an experiential learning program. She studied the environment while hiking camping, paddling kayaks and talking to people from all walks of life.

Inspired by her experiences there, she camped solo for a few months in Arizona’s ponderosa pine forests. It was a natural fit to begin leading camping adventure tours. So for the next 25 years she led tours through Alaska, Canada, the western USA, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.  Horseback tours in the desert Southwest and Patagonia, Chile soon followed.

Cory gets her sanity checks paddling a kayak, horseback riding, scuba diving and hanging with friends.

With a ready smile and a positive attitude Cory loves introducing people to our beautiful public lands and animals, and to the adventures that await around the next bend of the road.

Justin Ebert

Tour Guide Bindlestiff Tours


Justin was born and raised in the great state of Iowa and is proud to be a 3rd generation adventure travel guide.  His parents and grandparents owned a mountaineering organization that led hiking and climbing trips all over the world and inspired Justin to lead a life exploring Earth’s most beautiful places.

After graduating in 2008 with a degree in Geography from the University of Iowa, he moved to Las Vegas to explore the Southwest.  While in Las Vegas, Justin gained a lot of local knowledge working for AmeriCorps at Lake Mead National Recreation Area and for the US Forest Service at Mount Charleston in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

Since 2013, Justin has been guiding cross-country tours allowing him to see much of the United States, but feels nothing quite compares to the stunning landscapes of the American Southwest. Additionally, he has organized and guided adaptive hiking trips for people with disabilities to numerous national parks in North & South America.

In Justin’s free time, he enjoys hiking/biking at Red Rock Canyon, cooking delicious food, spending time with family, and is a huge basketball aficionado.

Mike Brown

Tour Guide Bindlestiff Tours


Mike is originally from Baltimore Maryland, but he is no “city-slicker”! At the age of 15 he first experienced the American Southwest at Philmont Scout Ranch in Raton, New Mexico. He fell in love with the beauty and grandeur of the region and vowed to come back one day.

Mike has excelled in many professions including fashion design, DJ’ing, and massage therapy. In early 2009 he left the world of 9-5 jobs behind to “find himself” and became a global nomad, living, working, and visiting over 50 countries since. His first guiding experience was at one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Petra, Jordan, where he volunteered with local Bedouins. From there he went on to guide and escort tours in places like Spain, Norway, the Canary Islands and Caribbean.

Mike is convinced that traveling can bring about positive life changing experiences in everyone, just ask about his!! This is why he is guiding tours today.

When not guiding, he is chasing the summer weather around the globe in search his next great adventure.

Joel Clark

Tour Guide Bindlestiff Tours

Joel“There’s an old saying here in the desert,” I once heard Joel say. “What you see in the desert is a reflection of your own soul.” Never without his old battered hat, given to him by his grandfather, Joel Clark has an addiction to the wide open spaces of the West.

He has hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and charted his own cross-country trek across the Mojave Desert totaling some 8,000 miles. Joel is an experienced guide, leading adventure tours and horse riding expeditions through the canyon lands of Southern Utah for over 6 years. When he gets out his guitar around the campfire, bring a handkerchief because you’re going to hear some soulful old cowboy songs.



Sarah Chastain

Tour Guide Bindlestiff Tours


Sarah was born in Southern Utah. She has been a Tour Guide since 2009 and has worked in the Hospitality industry for 15 years. Sarah loves to learn and has many degrees, such as in Sociology, Anthropology, Art, and Tourism. Sarah developed an appreciation for learning at an early age through travels, art, history, environmental interpretation, and experiences. She has an inquisitive mind that is always in search of answers and adventure.

“My knowledge covers most of the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, S.E. Asia and Europe, and these locations have become my classrooms which I feel are the backbone of learning, promoting a deep appreciation for different cultures, languages, and traditions. I enjoy making memorable journeys for clients and guests through commentary on history, culture, and nature.”



Jake Korczyk

Tour Guide Bindlestiff Tours


Jake left his former home Germany some 20 years ago and has ever since nurtured his Gypsy soul all over the world. He has traveled, lived and worked his way around the world and finally decided to make the United States his home.  Jake has guided scuba diving trips, biking trips, hiking trips from the frigid Arctic Circle down to the steamy Equator. He enjoys helping others experience the transformative power and beautiful vastness of the American southwest.

People are asking today more than ever “What is the meaning of my life?  The interesting thing about travel is, it gets you out of your routine, so that you cannot rely on your normal surroundings and senses. It opens a space, so you can consider this question. It gives you a different perspective on life.

When not guiding or exploring, Jake enjoys spending time with his family and friends wherever they might be in the world…


Jonathan Maret

Tour Guide Bindlestiff Tours


Jon has always had a passion for adventure. As a child, he spent his time exploring the forests and creeks that cover the South-Eastern United States. In 2007 while living in Chicago he felt that his life was lacking adventure, so he dropped everything and headed to Alaska. After returning to the lower 48 in 2008, Jon started leading adventure trips. His love of learning lead him back to school, where he graduated from Montana State University – Billings. He went on to become an adjunct professor in their Outdoor Education department. Tiring of the office he decided to return to his passion, leading adventure trips. Jon has guided all over the Western and South-Western United States, but his heart lives in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.

In his off time you can find Jon and his wife Liyah climbing, skiing or wandering the Southwest with their dog Roscoe.

Craig Umhoeffer

Tour Guide Bindlestiff Tours


In Barry Lopez’s masterwork “Of Wolves and Men” a wolf’s transit through the forest is described as follows: “The movement down the trail would seem relentless, if it did not appear so effortless.”

Craig Umhoefer was born in Florida and raised in Wisconsin. He left home at an early age and headed out west to work on a horse ranch in the Rockies. This set off a decade of travel with stops in Alaska, Europe, Hawaii, Central America, Asia and many more. Careers along the way include: Ranch Hand, Tour Guide, Construction Worker, Forest Service Trail Crew and Hydrolgical Engineer.

Craig discovered a love of acting in college and set off for Los Angeles where he made a living as an actor and writer for two years. When an off-broadway play offered a trip to New York City, he continued acting while working as an office drone in Manhattan.

After a few years of big city life, Craig is excited to return to his first love: exploring amazing places with wonderful people. He is excited to hit the road in search of adventure once more.