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Why Book A Private Tour Of A National Park?

One question that gets asked a lot is “what is the difference between a private tour and a regular tour of a National Park?”  To explain not only what a private tour entails but also what are the benefits of a private tour, we should first begin by discussing what you are looking for. […]

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Grand Canyon South Rim Vs West Rim, Which Is Better?

A common question that people traveling to the Southwest who want to see the Grand Canyon ask is “which is better, the South Rim or the West Rim?” While each destination has it’s great features, Bindlestiff Tours feels confident in our position that the South Rim is a far better experience for […]

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National Parks Are Safer Than Cities

A recent incident at Zion National Park resulted in 3 hikers deaths and four additional missing people.  The incident occurred last week when a flash flood occurred, sweeping away the hikers who were navigating a slot canyon in the park.  Although the closure of the slot canyons happened too late to save the hikers […]

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Cooler Weather Makes National Park Exploration More Fun

As the cooler temperatures quickly move in to Las Vegas, and only about a month or so of triple digit temperatures can be expected, it is the perfect time to begin planning your Las Vegas vacation and considering allocating a few days toward exploration of our nearby National Parks.  One aspect of Las Vegas […]

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Every Kid In A Park Program

“Every Kid In A Park” is a new initiative being put forth by the National Parks Service in celebration of it’s 100 year anniversary next year.  The initiative is being funded in part by increased funding of 45 million through the Department of the Interior to be put toward youth outreach programs, almost 20 […]

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Why Choose Bindlestiff Private Tours?

Touring in Small Groups means more flexibility

Small Group Adventures

Bindlestiff Tours are experts in leading small group adventure travel. Founded by highly experienced Southwest USA Tour Leaders in 2010, our team brings to you over 15 years of experience leading USA Southwest tours,  and our staff, having lived and worked all over the world, share your […]

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Private Hiking Tours Of Zion National Park

Bindlestiff Private Tours is one of the premier private tour companies in America, specializing in tours of the southwestern National Parks.  What makes the tours that are offered to adventure groups and the private tours so different is the completely customizable aspect that is gained when booking a private tour.  In addition to limiting […]

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Should there be a buffer zone around National Parks?

As a tour operator that provides private tours from Vegas, there is consistently an interest from our clients to tour National Parks on their own terms, and with their small groups.  With a recent development at Saguaro National Park (one of our favorite private tour destinations) that would allow for development very near the […]

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Yosemite Celebrates 125 years

Yosemite National Park was born on October 1, 1890 when then President Benjamin Harrison signed the legislation making the 1,500 acre area including Tuolumne Meadows, the high country, and Hetch Hetchy.  Although the Giant Sequoias of Mariposa Grove remained under California’s control until 1906, the area that is known as Yosemite National Park today was […]

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Private National Parks Tours

The national park tour is a must for anyone who is interested in experiencing nature and the beauty of landscapes that are untouched by modern development, and the access to these areas from destinations like Las Vegas is far more convenient than most travelers would expect.  A person interested in experiencing the majesty of […]

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